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Guosheng-Space saving stoves environmental protection

Three advantages

Derived from aerospace technology - vertical intake port injection

Using combustion principle driving force of the high-tech space technology, anti-traditional vertical intake port injection-up approach. Completely changed the traditional structure and core principles stove, the air injection mixed up with the one-time suspension spray off carbon monoxide, close to bottom of the pot, so that carbon monoxide diffusion flame burning more fully and directly from the bottom of the pot, so as to achieve real energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency purposes. Guosheng stoves is also the only one with CQC energy saving dual-certified fire stoves.

The unique design - unique patented stoves

Fire uniform temperature balance, less heat loss, stove temperature is low, the pot is not hot, fast heating, easy to produce fumes, gas combustion, saving more than 40 percent of gas, kitchen air fresh, can meet a variety of cooking effect, energy environmental health.

Low-carbon energy revolution will persist in the end - is saving millions of households

Dream-blue flame, burning close to the bottom of the pot, which greatly reduces the temperature of the stove, as the bill does not burn in the pan, allowing you to remain at the time of Peng dishes, can be arbitrary, exemptions will be hot psychological barrier. Since the world's first country to win stoves using vertical intake port injection technology, thus ensuring the stoves combustion efficiency, low temperature combined with the advantages of the stove, making the stoves effectively extend the service life, truly low-carbon, energy efficient !

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